Which Came First: the Reader or the Writer?

April 23, 2012

I didn’t find the answer at The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books this weekend, but there were throngs of readers, a multitude of writers and stacks of books already written, just waiting to be read.

I hadn’t attended the festival in more than ten years, not by choice. Six years we were living in Wyoming, and although I think a twelve-hundred-mile road trip to a book festival in April when the Wyoming weather can be pretty iffy is a good idea, Hunky Hubby…not so sure…scratch that, I’m not so sure either. Anyway, it seems like since we’ve been back in L.A., there has always been a conflict on the weekend of the Festival of Books, and this was the first year that we’ve been able to return.

The Festival of Books is one of my favorite events. I mean think about it….it’s a festival…and there are books, lots and lots of BOOKS!!! What more could a book lover want?

Well, to meet the authors of course! Many of my favorite writers were there. Judy Blume and Anne Rice each filled an auditorium with devoted fans, but they weren’t alone.

Hunky Hubby and I attended the one and only panel of romance writers at the festival, and the first panel of romance writers that the festival has ever hosted. I and the many romance readers that attended were shocked by this fact. After all, we make up the largest group of readers in the market! Finally the books we love were represented by authors that we also love.

The romance panel titled “Fiction: Love Actually” included; moderator and romantic suspense writer Dee J. Adams, romantic suspense author Jill Sorenson, and historical authors Tessa Dare and DeAnna Cameron. The discussion was funny and intelligent, and as Hunky Hubby put it, “The best looking panel at The Festival.” The ladies talked about writing their first books, unusual research experiences, their writing processes and shared advice for aspiring authors.

These writers have a solid fan base of their own. One of my favorite moments was watching a group of three young women have Tessa Dare sign her latest novel, A Week to Be Wicked, then excitedly ask if they could have a photo with her. They were as excited as any Judy Blume or Anne Rice fans. Tess is their author.

I won’t miss The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books again. It’s already on my calendar for next year, so if you plan your wedding or baby shower for the fourth weekend in April, you know I won’t be able to make it. I hope to have my turn to attend as a published author someday soon.

So what are your favorite events as a reader? As a writer? Which of your favorite authors have you met or would you like to meet? Please tell me. I’d love to know…



One Response to “Which Came First: the Reader or the Writer?”

  1. The idea of meeting my favorite authors makes me nervous. (Maybe that’s another reason why I shy away from conferences.) I’m so afraid I’ll say something stupid or seem stalkerish and black list myself from the industry. Topping my list of favorite authors is Susan Elizabeth Phillips, followed by Judith McNaught. I also think Victoria Dahl is hysterical on Twitter, and would be fun to have a few drinks with.
    *Sigh* But with my adversion to flying, I doubt I’ll ever get to see any of them in person.


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