Gut Instincts

May 4, 2012

Elley and I were emailing back and forth this week about some submissions we’ve been working on/have out, and Elley mentioned something that really stuck with me. When deciding where to submit one of her manuscripts, she said she had to go with her gut. I’ve heard this advice before. I remember an Oprah I watched discussing assault/kidnapping, and the general consensus was: go with your gut. If someone or something feels off, it probably is. My Mom gave me this advice a few years ago after a particularly grueling experience. Oddly enough, that “gut” is usually right. When it comes to publishing, I think the same goes. This business is so hard to figure. You really can’t predict what will resonate with an agent/editor/reader. You just have to… Go with your gut. Do what feels best, and then hope it works out.



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