Jillian Stone, Pinterest and Inspiration

May 14, 2012

I have a Pinterest account. If you haven’t been to Pinterest yet, you should at least check it out. It’s a system of ‘bulletin boards’ where you can pin things you want to save on the internet, great recipes, fashion, home decorating, craft projects… Once you have an account, you can have a separate bulletin board for each of these things or whatever you want to pin. Your favorite books, books you want to read, blogs you love (hint hint), really, nearly anything you find on the internet can be pinned, and if it’s on a website, when you click on the pin, you will be taken to the website the item was pinned from. It’s really a very clever system and a great way to find inspiration.

So, Saturday was my OCC RWA meeting, and steampunk author Jillian Stone was the morning speaker. Her topic was world building, and although it was geared pretty strongly toward fantasy—and I don’t write fantasy—I took a lot of notes and learned some interesting things. Not necessarily the most interesting, but one I will be implementing today, is the way she uses her Pinterest account. She uses her boards as inspiration for her books. There is a board for her book, The Moonstone and Miss Jones, individual boards for some of her characters, and a board for steampunk character inspiration. Maybe you’ve already started a Pinterest account and are using it this way, but I thought it was brilliant.

I have occasionally kept a spiral notebook with pictures cut from magazines and pasted on the pages, little notes about character or location scribbled around the pictures in blue ink…from a ten-cent pen. The pictures are inspiration and a way of making the fantasy in my head more real. As if Hunky Hubby needed physical proof of my insanity.

But, virtual bulletin boards as a way to collect inspiration? This is an idea I love!

Now, I do use some of my Pinterest boards this way, sort of…tentative steps into using Pinterest for my writing, and Nicole has as well. But if you go to my account you will see boards with sewing projects I’d like to try (I’ve actually tried a couple too!), boards with recipes I’m saving for the holidays, boards with home decorating ideas I hope to get Hunky Hubby to implement (thanks Elley for sharing the cute appliance decals! Maybe my laundry room won’t be so dull now!)…and boards with gift ideas for future gift giving events. These are the primary ways that I use my pinboards, and often a way that I sit at the computer and procrastinate on writing tasks.

Jillian Stone has inspired me to use my pinboards as a more serious writing tool, not necessarily a way to procrastinate on writing. I will admit this could be a dangerous tactic to take, but one worth trying!

So do you Pinterest? If so how do you use your boards? Are any of them geared (no steampunk pun intended) toward writing inspiration? Do you think this is just another time waster or do you see some real value? I’d love to know!



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