A Change of Schedule

May 31, 2012

My peaceful days are numbered. Monday is the last day of school. I dread the change in schedule and the scrounging for quiet time to write. After a while, I’ll adjust, and I’ll adjust so well that when the start of the school year arrives, I’ll complain about another change in schedule (namely waking up early every day and needing to get the kids up and out the door). Change. Why do we fight it? It’s the only constant.

My productivity ebbs and flows with the calendar. I could blame it on my husband’s and kids’ schedules, but I think it’s more complex than that. Certain times of the year I’m more productive. Summer is one of those times—even with the kids home.

So bring on the end of school. I’ll complain for a few days, and then I’ll get back to work.

How about you? Is there a certain time of year when you’re more productive?



4 Responses to “A Change of Schedule”

  1. Kate Says:

    I’m least productive in the winter, particularly December. As for most productive I’m not sure. Change is precious, it brings a new perspective with it.


  2. I’ve had so many changes the last few years, I have trouble remembering what season it is! In the midwest I expected to get more writing done in the winter (fewer chores) but found that dealing with the lousy weather wore me out (driving, shoveling). Spring involved grass mowing and gutter cleaning, while autumn is when I prepared for winter (pack summer clothes, bring out snowsuits, get the holidays shopped for). Summer was better because I was happy to stay in the A/C. Now in the desert summer, I want to take walks out in the dry air and sun or just sit in the geranium jungle reading. Winters are more boring, so I get more done.

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