Submission Flu

June 13, 2012

I hit send on a manuscript that means a lot to me. (Don’t they all?) Seriously, this one is close to my heart, based loosely on some places I’ve been and people I’ve met. (If you’re looking for a sleepy beach vacation, check out Carolina Beach, N.C.) Revising the manuscript as the result of a request for the full, I expected some emotional turmoil, but I didn’t expect physical symptoms.

Is there some sort of submission flu?

My muscles ached. My body shook. My appetite disappeared. (I’m not complaining about that one.) There was nausea too. Sure, it’s probably all the BIC (butt in chair) I’ve been subjecting my body to, but it sounds so much more intriguing to call it submission flu.

How about you? Do you experience physical symptoms before or after you submit?



2 Responses to “Submission Flu”

  1. Ah, I hear you. I always feel physically ill, when I press that send button. Good luck with your sub 🙂

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