Print vs. Digital Consumption: Where Do You Rank?

June 27, 2012

Yesterday, I ran into the drugstore to buy some soap and passed the book rack. I picked up a paperback book by an auto-buy author, read the cover copy, decided it was something I was anxious to read, and then put the book back on the shelf, thinking I’ll download the digital when I get home.

Well folks, my transformation is complete. Digital has gained control of my reading brain without a struggle. Oh, I still go into Barnes and Noble with my daughter, because she thinks, “it’s not a real book if it’s not a real book.” (Mom rolls her eyes at this.) But when I’m there, I buy tea, look at journals (love me some leather-bound blank books), check the end caps to see which lucky ducks have books in prime promotional spots, and note interesting covers, titles and authors in case I want to buy books—when I get home. It’s so strange, such a complete conversion, with very little regret. (I do worry I’m contributing to the closing of book stores, and I hate when my digital devices crash and I lose books. Two big negatives, friends!)

I’m not saying I’ll never buy a hardcopy book again. I’m simply saying digital has become my first choice. Aside from a stack of paperback, non-fiction books purchased many months ago and still unread, I’m not buying print. I’m reading even less. Currently, I’m consuming my books 100-percent digitally. How about you? Now that e-readers have been around long enough to make a major impact on the publishing industry and our reading habits, what’s your print vs. digital consumption?


2 Responses to “Print vs. Digital Consumption: Where Do You Rank?”

  1. I hate it, I’d rather buy paper, I love having a reason to spend hours in a bookstore, and it kills my eyes to stare at a scrolling screen. But there’s just the little problem of price. Downloading to my Kindle just doesn’t load up my Visa as fast, which means my payments can sorta keep up with my balance. And the less they sell, the higher the paper publishers put the price. I feel like I’m caught in a sucking (or sucky) vortex.

  2. taristhread Says:

    I got my Kindle last summer, and I have several books downloaded on it, but I’ve only read a couple. I still am hooked on print books…..but then I still write with a pen.

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