Social Media Overload

June 29, 2012

So, if you follow me on Twitter you already know this: I LOVE Twitter. In fact, I love social media. I remember way back when Facebook first came out and only certain colleges could get on it and I was so bummed. I am not the writer complaining about having to have a media presence, cause I love it!

I think a lot of this has to do with being shy/being a writer. In person, I am a terrible conversationalist. I rarely know what to say or ask. I even have awkward silences with good friends on occasions. I’m just not good at it. (I still remember when I first met Hubby and he kept asking me question after question because I kept killing the conversation dead and I said, hey, this is THE man for me).

But, give me time to formulate a sentence or two in writing, and I can seem like less of a social dunce. Currently, I am a mother of two kids 2 1/2 and under. Social media is a way to connect with people without the stress of taking two kids out into the wild.

I LOVE social media, but it definitely gets a little addicting. I check Twitter way too often. Occasionally when Hubby is trying to have a conversation with me. (In my defense it’s usually if he’s talking about something I don’t care about like finance news or hockey).

Anyway, I promised Hubby since he’s off work this week that I would unplug, except for email. No Twitter, Facebook, or blogs for four days.

Is that fluttery feeling in my chest panic? I may be a little lightheaded. Um, no Twitter?? How will I keep up with people?

Truth is, I will go on without social media and Twitter will go on without me. It will be weird and I’m sure I’ll reach for my tablet on more than one occasion to tweet something only to mentally slap myself.

And on Monday, I’ll be back on Twitter with a vengeance!

So, are you like me enjoying the benefits of social media? Or is it a hardship for you? Something you dread or only do because others are doing it?



4 Responses to “Social Media Overload”

  1. yhosby Says:

    I love social media. I’m like you, I’m too shy to really talk to people. I HATE talking on the phone. i’m an email person. Facebook is my favorite because I can stay in touch with old friends from school and college. I like twitter, but that 140 characters limit bothers me LOL. I guess it forces people to become better writers.

  2. I’m highly addicted to twitter. To the point where it really interjects into what I should really be doing. I think it’s healthy to have a break every now and then, even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time 😉

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