Comfortable Shoes: The Key to RWA 2012?

July 16, 2012

I have two pairs of my favorite shoes. They aren’t my cutest shoes, they’re just the most comfortable…I wish I’d purchased five pairs. Hunky Hubby told me to go back and buy more, but I only bought the two. One pink and one purple, the only colors they had in my size. They’re sandals…sort of, almost tennis shoes, but a sandal, and I could walk in them for hours…maybe days. I’ll be wearing them all day each day at the RWA 2012 Conference in about a week in a half, so hopefully I can walk in them for at least four days.

Is that right? Is it just a week and a half until the conference? Wait…yes, ten days. JUST TEN DAYS, and the only thing I’ve picked out to take is my shoes! Okay, my netbook is going, my cell phone too, the business cards middle son made for my birthday…that are oh so cool, and believe me they are cool…are already packed. But I don’t know what I’m wearing besides my shoes.

I’ll take my black strappy sandals that I love, but they aren’t as comfortable. They may just stay in my suitcase the whole time…they do make me a little taller though, so maybe I’ll wear them anyway. I’ll take a nice pair of heels for Saturday night’s RITA awards, although I’m still not sure what dress I’m wearing. I hope I don’t have to stand too much…I’m really not very good at heels. I do know what suit Hunky Hubby is wearing, and I’ve picked his shirt and tie…just not my dress.

My manuscript is almost ready. I’m working on my pitches for editors and agents, but right now I’m going to go try on all of the dresses that I own, then I may end up at The Mall looking for something new, who knows. Oh, and I need a new sweater too, it can get cold in those hotel conference rooms.

Ah, well, I don’t want to think about what I’m wearing anymore. I’m going to get back to work on my manuscript…and my pitches. I’ve been practicing when I walk on the beach, grocery shop or clean the kitchen. So if you see me talking to myself around town…I’m not some crazy person talking to the voices in my head…oh wait, scratch that, I could be talking to the voices in my head, but if you’re a writer, you’ll understand that. And if you’re not…well, just smile and wave. I’m harmless. No really, I am.

So I’m taking my two pairs of comfortable shoes to the conference. When I ask veteran attendees what I should bring, that’s the one thing they all say. Comfortable shoes. Mine are packed. What are you taking? And if you’re not going, don’t worry; when I get back I’ll share it all. No really, I’m taking lots of notes!


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