Packing My Suitcase for RWA 2012!

July 23, 2012

Last year (2011) I attended the Romantic Times Convention (RT 2011) in Los Angeles…well, I attended one day of the convention. After years of writing non-fiction, I had just begun to work on fiction. I hadn’t even joined RWA yet, From Fact to Fiction was only a few weeks old. I didn’t find out about RT 2011 until it was already in progress, which is why I was only there for one day. Even though RT was geared more toward the reader, there were special workshops for writers, and I was excited to attend even one day. In fact, I wrote about it here at From Fact to Fiction, and in a post titled Shoes, Underwear, Beard Stubble and Marcia Brady over at my blog, Tari’s Thread.

So, this week I’m preparing for the Romance Writers of America 2012 National Conference, which happens to be right here in Anaheim. Yay!! *happy dancing in my room* I’ve got my brand new business cards—a birthday gift from middle son, designed with some special inspiration from oldest son. I’ve been polishing my WIP (okay, I’ve spent about a year on this). I’m working on my pitch. My appointments are set, and my clothes are laid out on the bed in my office…this year I intend to pack spare underwear rather than to store them in a pant leg. (This explains part of the title to my previous RT blog…and in case you’re wondering, No, I DON’T have beard stubble…really, I don’t.)

So, my underwear is packed and going into a suitcase rather than a pant leg, and I am more excited than I can begin to tell you.

I’ve carefully planned my agenda. I have two appointments with editors and two with agents. I’ve planned an intensive schedule of workshops, primarily on craft. Although, Hunky Hubby says my writing is brilliant, and I could teach all of the workshops, the truth is that I’ve learned so much this year, that I realize how much more I need to learn, and I’m going to this conference to learn.

So, I’m planning on taking workshops on dialogue, plotting (yes, I am a pantster, but maybe I’m teachable…who knows…) setting, and one of the things I find most challenging, synopsis writing. Although I live about 30 miles from the convention, I’m staying in the hotel so I can be there early and stay late. I don’t plan on missing a minute, I’ll sleep next week! Don’t worry, Hunky Hubby and Middle Son won’t starve. I’ve made them dinners and put them in the freezer, so they’ll be sure to go out and get tacos or have pizza delivered.

Are you sick of hearing my talk about RWA 2012 yet? If you’re going, drop me a line. Maybe we can meet up! If you have attended a conference please pass along your best tips here! If you have any questions, ask away. I’ll try to get answers while I’m there.

And, if I don’t get to see you at conference, I’ll see you all right back here next week with news from RWA 2012! For all of you flying, driving, or taking a train in (Elley and Nicole, it’s not too late) have a safe trip, and hope to see you there.



One Response to “Packing My Suitcase for RWA 2012!”

  1. Thanks. I’m going to be depending on you and other participants to keep me informed. I hope to be at next year’s Convention in Atlanta. Already making plans. Have fun & good luck!

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