Too Much of a Good Thing

August 15, 2012

I’m taking a break from writing and reading while I enjoy my family at the lake. That wasn’t the original plan. I planned to write every day, and when I wasn’t writing, I planned to read the long list of newly downloaded books on my Kindle. What happened? Life. But life in a good way.

When I’m reading and writing, it’s a form of escapism. I miss my husband. The house is a mess of renovations. There’s drama here, misery there. I write and forget the woes. I read and drown the worry. But I’m also missing parts of life I’d rather not miss, parts that I rush so I can read another page in this book or write another page in this manuscript.

A few days ago, with my eyes closed and the sun beating down on my body while my children laughed and splashed in the pool, I realized I had real life far too good to be rushing any of it. I have to work harder on being present in my life. Concentrate more on the sounds around me than the sounds in my head. In the long run, that attention to detail will make me a better person, wife, mother and writer.

I’m all of those things. One is not more important than the others. 🙂




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