Shoes, Romance & the 2012 RITA AWARDS

August 20, 2012

Hunky Hubby arrived in a suit and tie and shiny black dress shoes to pick me up. I can’t tell you how handsome he looked. He did have to have Middle Son help him with tying the tie…which I find mildly amusing, but I won’t say that to my Hunky Hubby…well, unless he happens to read it here of course. It was the final night of the 2012 RWA Conference here in Anaheim, and my own prince charming had arrived to take me to the ball…well, to the RITA Awards Ceremony, anyway. I was wearing his favorite shoes, well, my favorite too, but the least comfortable pair of shoes that I own. A pair of three-inch high stiletto (Can they be stilettos at three inches high?) Coach shoes that Hunky Hubby bought for me for Christmas last year…I might have even begged for them.

I rarely wear heels since the “train” accident that resulted in a third-degree sprain to my right ankle many years ago. (Okay, it had something to do with a toy Thomas the Tank Engine Train that was left in my hallway…but doesn’t it sound better if I just say “train” accident?) I still buy them, but I rarely wear them, so Hunky Hubby is always thrilled when I slip on a sexy pair of heels…and strut (read hobble) out with him. It didn’t matter if the shoes killed my feet, we were mostly sitting anyway.

I felt like we were live at the Academy Awards. The RITA production…and it truly was a production…was amazing. When the lights dimmed and scenes from some of the most romantic movies of all time flashed across the screen over the stage, it was magical.

And it all started with shoes. The glass slipper from the movie Ever After, Jennifer Lopez rescued by Matthew McConaughy when her heel gets caught in a street grate in The Wedding Planner, and there were more, but I didn’t write them down! The point is…shoes were very much the theme.

Shoes, and of course, happily ever after. After all, it was the Romance Writers of America conference.

Two writers from our local Orange County Chapter of RWA were nominated for awards. Kara Lennox was a double nominee in the category Contemporary Series Romance; Suspense/Adventure, and Tess Dare was nominated and won the Rita in the category, Regency Historical Romance. I can’t tell you how excited I was for both of these very talented ladies.

So is there a connection between shoes and romance? I can’t prove it, but I believe there is. The right shoe for writing romance, the right shoe for attending writing workshops, the right shoe for pitching romance…and of course…the right shoe for making romance, and making that happily ever after.

So, what do you think? How important are shoes to a writer? How many pairs will you be taking to the conference next year? What will you be wearing to the RITA Awards? You are going aren’t you?



2 Responses to “Shoes, Romance & the 2012 RITA AWARDS”

  1. There are a lot of theories as to why stileto heels do what they do to men. Doesn’t matter why, it’ll never go away. I’ve heard they start riots in the Middle East when spotted under a burqa, for heaven’s sake. Anyway, I believe that no matter what she writes, if a writer feels attractive, she’ll write with heart and flair. So let’s ignore the pain and enjoy the riots!

  2. taristhread Says:

    I’m putting on my stilleto heels right now…so I can write of course! Thanks Eugenia.

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