Before You Hit Send

August 27, 2012

Last year, Angela James, Executive Editor at Carina Press, spoke at an OCC RWA meeting. She was dynamic, informative and very approachable. When she mentioned that she taught an online self-editing class, I knew I wanted to take it. I was hoping to learn to tighten up my manuscript and make it my best work, but this class went beyond my expectations.

The class is titled “Before You Hit Send.” It’s three weeks of intensive editing training at an unbelievable price.  (For a class description click here.)

But let me tell you what I learned.

First, I learned how to use my Word program more efficiently. (If you use Mac, don’t worry. She’s got you covered). That software does things I had no idea it could do. I might have been able to find the information online, but honestly, I wouldn’t have known to look. I am finally glad that my computer crashed last December and that I had to get a new version of Word. (I actually believe it was my Word 97 that crashed the computer.)

I learned the truth about colons and semi-colons…and let me tell you it made me very happy. I will no longer go crazy over these little points of punctuation.

As many of you know, one of my main obsessions has been POV and head hopping. I learned which point of view changes were head hopping, and that some of my point of view changes that had been critiqued as head hopping—but that I still loved—might not actually be head hopping, and I may want to keep them. Yay! Yay! Yay! I will no longer waste time obsessing over this issue.

I learned that there is a time to quit editing. I’m not sure that I’ll know when that is, but I have deadlines to get this work out, so at that point I’ll have to quit editing.

If you write, if you edit, this class is for you. It could be a semester long class at a college, and you could pay several hundred dollars for this class. Angela is sharing all of her expertise in a mini- course that is unbelievable. Her next session of “Before You Hit Send” is scheduled for October.

I will be taking it again. I haven’t decided whether I’ll be taking the October session or waiting until February to take it again. Maybe I’ll see you there!

Have you taken any fabulous writing or editing classes that really bumped your writing to the next level? I’d love to know. Please share…



2 Responses to “Before You Hit Send”

  1. Tari, I took Angela’s workshop as well, and I was blown away by the information and the education I received. There isn’t a writing day that goes by that I don’t use something from that class.

    Glad you’re finding it useful too.


  2. Kate Says:

    Sounds like a brilliant idea. I’m going to have a look at it.

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