Tari’s Solo Adventure on Second Saturday

September 10, 2012

Saturday the Eighth was the second Saturday, and you know where I was…at the OCC RWA meeting of course.

The drive there was a little exciting. Oh, there weren’t any torrential downpours, no car trouble (thankfully…although my air conditioning is out, and in the heat that IS car trouble…and you all know that I’m married to a commercial/industrial air conditioning technician who could fix this and won’t let anyone else touch his stuff…but of course it’s eighty degrees out and the a/c isn’t working). No, the excitement was that I drove myself. I did, I really did.

For those of you who know me, you know I don’t like to drive, especially on freeways, and it takes something pretty special to get me to do it. I had a couple of really bad accidents when I was young…one I rolled my car with all three of my little boys in it, and I’ve never completely recovered from that. (Luckily everyone was properly strapped in, and no one was injured, but the car of course was totaled.)

So, Hunky Hubby was willing to give up his Saturday, as usual, to drive to my meeting, but I knew he had some things that needed to get done, and I insisted I could do it myself…and I did. But I started out by getting on the 405 freeway instead of the 91. I’m driving east in the morning sun, and don’t even realize…because I can’t read the signs the sun is shining too brightly behind them…that I’m on the wrong freeway until it isn’t worth getting off…I miss the exit for the 110 Freeway, which would have fixed the error with very little trauma, see the 605 Freeway, but I’m not sure it will do what I need it to do…I take the 405 all the way to the 57 Freeway before heading North to my meeting…making a 39-mile trip into a 55-mile trip. I arrive at the PRO breakfast, a little late, slightly nervous, but very excited because I drove myself, screwed up but managed to get there without actually getting lost, and with no major trauma, but I do have crazy hair, from driving with the windows down because I have no a/c…Hunky Hubby, where are you? (Oh, but thanks for fixing the washer and building those shelves in my laundry room while I was at the meeting Saturday.) Of course my friends wondered where my usual chauffeur was. I proudly told them I drove myself, took the long, not so scenic route, and please don’t tell Hunky Hubby, or he’ll be afraid to let me go alone again!

Debut author…and one of the ladies I consider a friend and mentor…Laura Drake hosted the Ask An Author before the meeting. She shared some of her favorite writing blogs and websites with us, talked about when in our process we should set up our own websites, how much we all hate writing synopsis…we all do, well I do anyway.

Among the morning business meeting topics was the Romancing the Pages Anthology, just released by OCC RWA. I bought my copy…hope some of you will check it out!

The morning speaker was NYT Bestselling Author Sherry Thomas. Her presentation was on subtext, and somehow she managed to make a very murky topic very clear, and entertain us at the same time. I have a better understanding of the importance of subtext and how to use it in my writing. Thank you Sherry!

Afternoon speaker Neil Shusterman is an award winning YA author, successful screenwriter and television writer. He talked about writing for teens and young adults, and his journey as a writer. He also read excerpts from his books, and is a fabulous storyteller.

Following our regular meeting there was a special Query Writing Workshop with Sherry Thomas. I wasn’t sure I needed this workshop. I feel good about writing query letters. I wrote plenty of them when I freelanced for magazines years ago, but I decided to attend anyway.

I was not disappointed. Sherry has a gift for creating magic in just a few paragraphs. She shared queries that had been submitted to her, and with clever twists here and there, she gave them energy, made them stand out, shared her magic.

I got in my car, rolled down the windows…and got on the right freeway heading home. The traffic was heavy but moving quickly, my least favorite kind of traffic, and of course, I was going west…as was the sun, but I made it home safely.

I pulled into the garage, and Hunky Hubby had the washer working, shelves up in my laundry room, and three loads of laundry washed…in baskets, waiting for me to fold, ironing required. He took one look at me…wild hair, hands clenched at ten and two, and asked how my drive was. Of course, I spilled it all. I was sure he’d say something like, “I should have taken you. I’ll never let you drive alone again.” But no. He said. “Well, why didn’t you take the 605? It would have saved you a lot of miles…or at least the 22.”

So next time, I’m going to pack up his computer, and get him up to take me to my meeting. I’ll tell him he needs the time to study for a certification test he wants to take, and I’ll sit in the passenger seat gripping the hand rest and pushing my right foot through the floor board pretending I can hit the brake…but not driving.

Anyway, how was your weekend? Did you do anything writerish? Did you have a great adventure? Please share it here!



2 Responses to “Tari’s Solo Adventure on Second Saturday”

  1. LauraDrake Says:

    Like you said, it wasn’t a disaster – no big deal. You CAN do this!!! Leave HH home (jeez, he does laundry? I want him!) and come on!

  2. taristhread Says:

    Laura…I wish he really did laundry!! He only did laundry Saturday because he had to test the washer and make sure it was working, and I wasn’t home to do it. But since he fixes things, pumps my gas for me…and drives me everywhere, I won’t complain!!

    I can do this by myself, and I won’t let him drive me so often! I promise. Although, I am bringing him to the next meeting to fix the sound system!


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