Are You Living the Dream?

September 17, 2012

Lately, it seems like my life has been changing in an instant. Something simple that should be meaningless and forgotten by the time I’m on to the next task becomes a life changing event, not to be forgotten anytime soon. A shift change at my husband’s job, an argument with a son over doing the dishes, an e-mail from an old friend, a letter in the mail, just when I think I’ve got my life headed down a certain path, I get up in the morning and find myself facing a new direction.

Some of it is good, some of it challenging…some of it well, let’s just say I believe in denial, and some of it will probably end up in a book someday…if I ever get on to the next book.

So in my dream life, I get up in the morning, kiss Hunky Hubby goodbye as he leaves for work, have yogurt and fruit for breakfast on my rooftop, while watching the sun rise. I head off to  walk on the beach for an hour, then on to my office…okay, I won’t make it a total fantasy…then on to the library to write, lunch at the beach, more writing, home to start dinner and wait for Hunky Hubby.

In my real life, I get up in the morning, kiss Hunky Hubby goodbye (the only real constant in my life), get ready to head to the beach, but a phone call interrupts. (At least I know it’s not the bank about the thirty-day home ‘refi’ that should have ended in June, well, really should have ended in May, but finally ended on July twenty-fifth 5p.m., a day that was life changing in so many ways, and made me late to the RWA Conference, which had started that day in Anaheim.) So the phone rings, and it’s usually a crisis, someone is having surgery, or something broke and it’s going to cost big bucks, or the phone call is fine, but I’m trying to multi task, and while I’m doing laundry, the washer overflows all over the laundry room floor.

Alright, I get off the phone, clean up the mess, finally get out of the house, skip the walk on the beach because I’m already behind on my word count for the day, get to the library to work, and of course, some crazy person decides they have to talk to me about how the government has planted a chip in his brain, and I need to be careful what I say because they are listening…and cough all over my computer. Thank you very much, I finally get rid of the crazy person, get a few pages written, go home to start dinner, Hunky Hubby is late because, well, he does commercial/industrial heating and air conditioning, and it’s 103 degrees in the valleys and I won’t complain because I’m just thankful that he’s working.

I do some chores, Hunky Hubby finally gets home in time to watch our favorite sitcoms, eats his dinner, and in minutes he’s snoring on the sofa. We head up to bed, I check my e-mail once again—never do this at bedtime—and there’s a message from an old friend offering me an opportunity that I hadn’t even considered…well, I had considered long ago, but not longer, and I can’t turn it down because it’s much too good an opportunity, but it will change everything…again, and will definitely slow down my writing. I’ll tell you more about it if it becomes official.

So you all know I write in run-on sentences, and if you ever meet me (or already know me) you’ll find I write the way I speak. But what I really want to know is, what is your dream life? How close is your dream life to your real life? Please tell me, and distract me from the twists and turns of my own.



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