How Far Would You Go?

October 3, 2012

Yesterday, in the name of craft, I ogled pictures of Adam Levine and watched 40+ minutes of YouTube how-to videos related to reupholstering furniture. More ogling is in my future, as is reupholstering a chair on my own. How else am I supposed to get to know my hero well enough to write from his point of view?

This got me thinking about other things I’ve done in the name of craft, none of which were particularly taxing or pushed me outside my comfort zone. I learned to elegantly drink Jameson whiskey…neat, because a character did so. I sat in the dugout of a dark and empty Major League Baseball stadium on a cold November night just to describe the setting with all five senses. My husband and I… Yeah, that might be TMI. Suffice it to say there were no hardships there. *ahem*

All of that got me thinking about what I would do in the name of craft, things like visiting faraway places and shadowing experts in relative fields. But there are a few things I’d never do. Jumping out of a plane comes to mind. (I’d rewrite the story to lose the skydiving if I couldn’t get the details right from the safety of my couch.) Eating bugs. Bungee jumping. Camping. *shudders*

How about you? What have you done in order to get to know your characters or story better? What would you do? What would you never do?


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