Writing Is a Rush

October 11, 2012

When my husband walked into the dining room yesterday, he saw me pale-faced, sitting at the laptop. The ensuing conversation went something like this:

“Are you okay?”

I glanced at him. “Yeah.”

“Then why do you look sick?”

“I’m about to submit.”

“Submit to what, torture?

I rolled my eyes. “No. Submit a manuscript.”

“Isn’t that a good thing?”

Of course it’s a good thing! But even good things induce panic. People get “cold feet” before weddings and still live happily ever after. Why can’t I shake, cry, lose my lunch and still make a sale?

What really surprises me is that despite the worry and stress that goes along with submitting (for me anyway) there’s a lot of positive emotions mixed in.







Oh, I know as the days go by with me waiting to hear about my submissions these positive emotions will be overshadowed by anxiousness. And once I hear about the submissions these positive emotions may be obliterated by the sadness and doubt of rejection. But where else can I run such a gamut of feelings without being labeled unstable? Writing is such a rush!

Wherever you are on the emotional writing scale, I hope you’re making progress toward your goals and dreams.



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