November 5, 2012

Two weeks down on my “real job.” Already two business trips under my belt. No actual writing done, but somehow between waiting at the airport for flights, flying, and staying alone in a hotel room, this week I managed to read Kieran Kramer’s Victorian romance Dukes to the Left of Me, Princes to the Right, and it was delightful…right down to the acknowledgements.

Seriously, I grabbed the top book from the stack of unread novels (that I’ve been dying to read) on the bookshelves next to my bed, and squeezed it into my already stuffed totebag (I refuse to check a bag, so I have a totebag and one rolling carry on case to take on the plane) as I was walking out the door to catch my flight. I don’t have to run, because I’m so paranoid, that I prefer to arrive at the airport three hours ahead of time, as they’ve suggested since 9/11, but apparently no one does that but me anymore, because I was through security in minutes and had three hours to read while I waited for my flight…thank goodness I grabbed Kieran’s book! (You already know I’m the Queen of Run-on Sentences, and if you didn’t you do now!)

So, anyway, I love to read the acknowledgements and dedications that authors write in their books, mostly because I fantasize about what I will say in mine. Kieran tells a fabulous story in her acknowledgements about an incident on an airplane before she was actually published. I won’t tell you the story–you need to buy her book and read it–but here I am, on the verge of publication (positive thinking people), about to board an airplane, reading her story. So motivating!

And it wasn’t just the acknowledgements that I enjoyed. They just made me want to read the book even more. Dukes to the Left of Me, Princes to the Right is a charming Victorian romance with a hint of mystery and just the right amount of steaminess (at least for me). Lady Poppy, Keiran’s heroine, is both ladylike and independent, both characteristics that I believe my heroines have. The story made me want to gather up my skirts and race home to my own “Lord of the Manor,” also known as Hunky Hubby!

So traveling for work every now and then may not be so bad…

What about you? Do you read the acknowledgements and dedications in books? Have you run across one that has been really special? One that made you fantasize about the acknowledgement you’ll write in your book? Or have you already written acknowledgments? Please share!

And by the way Spinsters Rule! (Read the book.)



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