Writing Makes Me Eat (and Other Ways I Procrastinate)

November 14, 2012

Maybe it’s the time of year, the colder temperatures, the early darkness, but I’m wearing thin the wood floor between the dining room (where I write) and the kitchen. Every other sentence, sometimes every other word, I’m tempted to grab a snack, refresh my tea, pour some water. It’s procrastination isn’t it?

Other people struggle with the Internet, surfing or tweeting in between sentences. Not me. I struggle to stay out of the kitchen. I’m up to six 16-ounce servings of green tea a day. (I wonder if that’s a problem.) When I manage to avoid tea, I’m filling a 32-ounce glass with crushed ice and water. Then I try to write while I chew every last piece of ice and shiver violently. (Not the best writing environment.)

I wish I could be a focused writer, one who never glances away from the screen until the chapter is complete. These people do exist don’t they? Maybe not. Maybe we all have our vices (excuses), ones that drag us away from the task at hand. I’d like to explore this topic more, maybe even find a way to curb the impulses, but I can’t…my tea is ready.



2 Responses to “Writing Makes Me Eat (and Other Ways I Procrastinate)”

  1. taristhread Says:

    Stress makes me eat!! Okay, stress, celebration, the smell of food. All I know is the girls in the store I’m working at keep a bowl of chocolate in the cabinet….and it’s torture.

    I have however lost a pound a week working, I think it’s the stress and the nervous energy while I’m learning my job!

  2. Stress makes me eat, too, Tari. I’ve often thought if I paid enough attention I’d see a correlation between big emotion while I’m writing and the urge to eat. In other words, I eat when my characters are stressed out too.

    Congrats on the weight loss–and the job! 🙂


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