Yes, I Know This Was Third Saturday, but I’m Writing about Second Saturday!

November 19, 2012

I’m late writing my post on Second Saturday, but I wasn’t late to the Orange County chapter meeting of Romance Writers of America. Okay, with the start of my new “real” job, I did miss the Pro Breakfast and Ask An Author. I was so exhausted that I overslept, but thanks to Hunky Hubby…who would rather be on a race track…I made it to the actual meeting on time.

OCC’s own Tara Lain, an award winning erotica writer, spoke at the morning workshop about using blog tours and blog hops to promote your book. She gave a clear outline of how to organize a blog tour and/or hop—from timing and finding the right blogs for your book, to what to write. Not only were Tara’s writing and organizational skills and of course her knowledge of using blogs to promote your books apparent, but Tara is an outstanding speaker, comfortable in front of an audience, very articulate, and able to field our many questions. Did I mention she wasn’t scheduled to speak until February, but graciously stepped in at the last minute?

After lunch and much needed social time, we regrouped to listen to Golden Heart Winner and New York Times Best Selling Author Darynda Jones talk about high concept. (I keep telling you aspiring authors, if you don’t belong to RWA you need to join, and if you do, I hope you’re going to the meetings!) So, Darynda spoke about “high concept,” a subject I had totally the wrong concept of…I know, but I couldn’t help it. (Hmm, I managed to end that sentence with a preposition twice, which is only possible if you write in run on sentences and don’t really end your sentences when you should. Maybe I should keep my brand new real job?)

So Darynda made the very murky topic of “high concept” a lot more clear. It is exactly the opposite of what I (and apparently many other people) thought it would be. With high concept, you need a topic that is simple and universal, but with a twist. It should be something you can present in a twenty-five word sentence, although I don’t think that’s a rule. High concept sells. Think Twilight…vampires, but not just any vampires, teen vampires.

Between ordering sewing machines, learning management procedures and talking to the many customers (sometimes potential characters) in the sewing store all day, I’m thinking about blog tours, high concept, and making it early enough to get to the Pro Breakfast and Ask an Author next month without giving Hunky Hubby an excuse to pretend he’s on the track at Irwindale Speedway again.

Are you ready for a blog tour to promote your book? Do you follow your favorite authors on their blog tours? Is your book high concept? Are you hosting Thanksgiving or going to Mom’s? Seriously, I want to know…

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving!

Love, Tari

2 Responses to “Yes, I Know This Was Third Saturday, but I’m Writing about Second Saturday!”

  1. taralain Says:

    Hi Tari– Thank you for the lovely compliments. I had a great time. : )

  2. taristhread Says:

    Tara, thank YOU! I learned so much from your presentation. And, I meant what I said, you’re an outstanding speaker!

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