New Year, New Beginning

January 4, 2013

I love the new year. I love setting goals and resolutions and feeling like this might just be the year I can accomplish them. I’m a big believer in goal setting, and mixed with my moved-around-a-lot childhood where new beginnings were the norm, I also love beginnings.

I was a pretty bad blogger by the end of last year, and one of the things I wanted to accomplish this year is to have more consistency, both at my own blog and with my blogging here, so I came up with the idea of doing a series of blog posts on my experiences since I’ve become published.

To date, I’ve signed three contracts with three different publisher culminating in three very different experiences. One of these books has already come out and two should come out this year, and hopefully I’ll sell some more this year, too.

I’m no best-seller or expert, but I thought sharing my experiences in the early days of my published writing career might be of interest or help to somebody.

So, for the next handful of Fridays you can expect to see my posts on different aspects of publishing. From waiting and nudging to changing editors mid-revision to revising before signing a contract.

But, before I get started, I thought I’d see if anyone out there has any questions about the publishing process. If any questions are posted in the comments, I’ll cull them together and make sure to do a blog post on them in the coming weeks.

If not, I still have plenty to blab about on my own. 🙂 And I’ll start next Friday. Hope to “see” you then!



4 Responses to “New Year, New Beginning”

  1. plaintain1 Says:

    Great! Just out of interest, the goals you set at the beginning of 2012, did they bear fruit?

  2. I love this idea, Nicole, and I’d like to see you do an entry about your experience with the contracts. Was it hard to navigate on your own? Did you have an attorney take a look? Did the contracts vary greatly? Etc.


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