Have Puppy Will Read

January 9, 2013

If you’ve ever raised a puppy—or a baby for that matter—you know there’s a lot of downtime. Unfortunately, it’s a unique kind of downtime, because you aren’t really free to pursue any sort of passion…just those that won’t interrupt the little bugger sleeping on your lap. *We aren’t going to debate whether or not said bugger should be on your lap in the first place. This is a blog about writing, so just go with it. 🙂

While I learned to type one-handed with my babies, and no doubt could do so with the puppy, I’m reluctant to start a habit with the dog that I can’t break later. Right now, when I sit at the table behind the laptop, she sleeps in her crate without a whine. Of course, I can’t leave her in there long, so I end up on the couch with her snoozing on my lap off and on throughout the day. Since I’ve identified every crack on my plaster walls and ceilings, and I’ve exhausted my Words with Friends buddies, I’ve started leaving my Kindle on the couch, so I can read. It’s not writing, but it’s close, and it helps keep the creative juices flowing.

I wish reading tamed my frustration a little better though. I can’t believe how grumpy/moody I get when I can’t write freely. I’ve tried explaining this to my husband, but he’s too analytical to really understand. Oh, he says he does, and then he offers suggestions, which I appreciate, but nothing will work but letting the floodgates open when the pressure behind the gates gets extreme. It’s as if all the emotion of the characters inside of me becomes mine, and since I can’t hold in my own emotion let alone the emotion of a dozen or so people, I blow. Spectacularly. I’d feel sorry for my family enduring this if I weren’t laughing so hard at their reaction to my manic behavior. (Once again, I cling to the fact that I’m creative, not crazy.) Can you relate at all?

I’d love to say more about this, but the puppy is up, and I have a chapter to finish. 🙂



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