Three Days from 40, and Oh, Yeah, I Got “the Call”

January 16, 2013

Having a birthday sandwiched between Christmas and Valentine’s Day has primed me to expect great things. It’s a non-stop parade of presents and well wishes. But even after 40 years of this time of year meaning something extra-special, I was hardly prepared for the best birthday present ever.


A week before Christmas on a submission high brought about by completing all my writing goals for 2012, I got gutsy and subbed a manuscript I had thought was better left “under the bed.” After all, this manuscript (Save My Soul) was an entry in Harlequin’s first So You Think You Can Write, where it was rejected with valuable feedback, feedback I worked into the manuscript before sending off to another publisher, who rejected the manuscript—once again with valuable feedback, which prompted me to revise, but ultimately set the manuscript aside for shiny new things. Believing the story had merit based on editorial compliments about my voice and my critique partner’s comment that from time to time she still thought about the story, I squeezed my eyes shut and hit send. If nothing else, the submission gave me bragging rights…for the first time in my pursuit of publishing I had four different manuscripts out on submission.

Christmas came and went. The New Year too. And with a puppy in the house, there wasn’t much time to consider what was happening with those submissions. Imagine my surprise when I received and email from Jennifer Lawler at Crimson Romance a little more than a week into January, offering me a contract for Save My Soul. It didn’t seem real.

It still doesn’t.

Even after signing the contract, filling out a cover art form, answering an author questionnaire, and launching my website, I’m wondering if this is all a dream.


I have a lot to celebrate this year when I blow out 40 candles on my cake. (Yikes! That’s a depressing amount of candles, unless I think about the size of cake it will take to accommodate said candles. Yum!) Honest to God, I never thought 40 would roll around with me a contracted author, anticipating a March release date.

It’s true what they say. When you least expect it…



6 Responses to “Three Days from 40, and Oh, Yeah, I Got “the Call””

  1. nicolehelm Says:

    *throws confetti*

  2. susankarins Says:


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