Journey To Published: After the Edits

February 8, 2013

Here’s something that those of you in pre-published land probably don’t want to hear. Even after you’ve signed a contract and worked on your edits (sometimes even before you’ve worked on your edits) you’re still going to have to do a lot of that one thing we all hate.


Here are a few breakdowns of how my edits went. Now, keep in mind every publisher is different. Every editor is different. Heck, every BOOK is different. But, one thing that’s not different? WAITING.

All’s Fair:

From contract to first edits: 2 weeks

First edits to galley proof: 1.5 months

From galley to cover/final pdf: 1 month.

From cover/final pdf to release: 4 months.

Seven-Night Stand:

From contract to first edits: 3 months*

From edits to galley proof: 3.5 months*

From galley proof to cover/final pdf: One week

From galley proof to cover/final pdf: None.**

*With editors leaving, this was an anomaly for this book. I do not expect my next book to have this large of a wait.

**Because of my publisher signing a deal with another publisher, some release dates got shifted. Thus, I didn’t actually see my cover or final book until release day.

And my next book is already different. Flight Risk was contracted 12/31 and I will likely get my edits in the next few weeks so roughly a two month wait between contract and edits. But, all edits/proofs etc. must be done by the end of April, so roughly 2.5 months for the next step. Then it will release late summer.

I’ll admit, I wasn’t prepared for this. I don’t know why, but it definitely knocked me sideways. So, the lesson I’ve learned is to try to go into the process without expectations. Every book will take its own time, and that’s okay, because the contract is signed and your book WILL come out.

Best thing to do during the wait? Keep writing. Most publishers/editors don’t just want one book out of you. They want to help build your career. Keep working toward that.



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