Reading Outside My Comfort Zone

March 21, 2013

When you’re a writer you read for more than enjoyment, which means you often get stuck in ruts of reading the same type of thing because it’s what you write or it’s published by a publisher you’d like to write for. That’s been me lately, reading only mainstream, contemporary romance. So I decided, enough is enough.

My first step outside the usual was easy. As a Downton Abbey (PBS) fan, I could no longer put off reading a book by an amazing friend, T.J. Brown. So I downloaded Summerset Abbey. It’s a historical trilogy (Edwardian), surrounding the lives of three young (unconventional) women. Even the cover is sumptuous!

Then, I dove into a biker book (an advanced reader copy) with an uber-alpha hero. I didn’t even know such a hero existed. Lol. I don’t always like the hero’s rough edges, but I find the whole thing compelling. It makes me think as a reader, makes me realize I’ve been reading as a writer too long.

Have you read outside your comfort zone lately?



2 Responses to “Reading Outside My Comfort Zone”

  1. susankarins Says:

    Same here. I’ve been reading so much mainstream, contemporary romance for research, etc and couldn’t take it anymore. I just read The Paris Wife by Paula McLain and loved it. Although it’s good to read what you write, I also think you definitely need to step outside of your comfort zone as a reader to become a better writer.

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