Writers Are Everywhere

April 24, 2013

While driving home from a lacrosse tournament the other weekend, my husband and I listened to Mackelmore’s latest CD, The Heist. We’ve been listening to his music since before the widespread popularity of Thrift Shop, and he is by far our favorite “rapper.” His songs are catchy and creative. He’s also a masterful story teller.

I don’t remember when I stopped tapping to the beat and singing along in favor of really listening to the words. It’s been awhile now. Each time I listen, I’m struck by the brilliance in his words. He’s a writer. Like me. That’s cool.

There are writers everywhere. Just because their words don’t form an article or a book doesn’t mean we don’t share the same creative ups and downs. It’s a comforting thought. :)


Writing Short Stories

April 17, 2013

An opportunity arose for me to participate in an anthology, which meant writing a short story (5K-10K words). I realized I’d never written a romantic story so short, and I wasn’t sure where to begin. I did a little research on writing short stories in general, and ideas formed. But before I start writing, I want to read similar works. Can anyone recommend a romantic (non-erotic) short story that falls in the 5K-10K range? I’d very much appreciate any leads you can give. 🙂

Finding an Audience

April 10, 2013

It doesn’t matter what a writer writes. The key to success is finding an audience, but finding that audience isn’t easy. We write words we think have value. Maybe an editor has confirmed that belief by contracting the work. But it’s safe to say most—maybe all—writers measure their success on the size of their audience. Whether we’re blogging or selling novels, we can measure readership to a certain extent, and that’s a blessing and a curse.

I’m new to this published writer thing, so I have few tips to give on finding an audience. I suspect even with years under my belt my tips would be vague. I’m not sure it’s something that can be charted and replicated. If it were, wouldn’t everyone be following those steps to certain success? I’m open to suggestions, though. How did you find a readership for your blog, site or book? Is it simply a game of luck and long-term visibility?

I’ve been writing with publication as a goal for years now. Certainly other people have been at it longer than me. I’m no expert. But I thought I’d be more settled by now. With one book published and two more slated to follow this year, I expected to feel differently, more capable, more efficient. It’s pretty annoying to fall into old habits. I’m distracted by promotion. I’m letting my personal life get in the way. I’m worried my work sucks. I’m…the same writer I was before my book was published. Isn’t that a kicker? Publication isn’t a cure-all. It’s not some panacea for procrastination, fear, lack of focus and doubt. In fact, it’s no match for those things. Like it or not, those things are part of being human, and just like I had to learn to live with them as a child, I have to learn to work with them as a writer.