Writing Short Stories

April 17, 2013

An opportunity arose for me to participate in an anthology, which meant writing a short story (5K-10K words). I realized I’d never written a romantic story so short, and I wasn’t sure where to begin. I did a little research on writing short stories in general, and ideas formed. But before I start writing, I want to read similar works. Can anyone recommend a romantic (non-erotic) short story that falls in the 5K-10K range? I’d very much appreciate any leads you can give. 🙂


4 Responses to “Writing Short Stories”

  1. Tilly Slaton Says:

    Hmm. I’ll keep thinking on it, but most short stories that I’ve read were erotica as well as romance. Erotica is quick and thrilling. It’s easy to convey in such a short amount of words. Romance … well I think it would take more to really give the story justice. Please let me know if you find one. I’d be interested in reading it.

  2. Miss Alexandrina Says:

    I find it quite hard to imagine a short story romance – as Tilly said above, longer stories allow readers to really get into the characters and why they should be together.

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