Elley spent ten years as a non-fiction writer. With hundreds of articles appearing online and in national, newsstand magazines, she made the jump to editing and held the title for major media companies, including the Walt Disney Company. These days she’s lost in romantic fiction. When she’s forced to live in the real world, she prefers to do so with a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon in hand (unless she’s at the ball park…then it’s ice cold beer).

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Nicole has been both a writing tutor and English teacher for much of her professional life, but fiction was always her first love. While instructing teenagers on how to properly craft a sentence or a persuasive argument, Nicole spent her spare time writing a handful of romance novels.

After the birth of her son, Nicole decided to leave teaching and focus on her writing. Over a year later, Nicole has written another handful of novels and received a contract for her first novel, All’s Fair in Love and Politics, which will be published by The Wild Rose Press.

Now a stay at home mom with a second son on the way, Nicole uses nap time and the spare free moment during Sesame Street to write her happily ever afters. She also twitters A LOT (@nicolethelm) and blogs (usually) four days a week at her own website.



As a little girl, Tari curled up in her white, French Provincial, canopy bed from Sears and escaped into a book. She became a beautiful princess waiting for her prince and often wrote her own princess stories.Eventually Tari grew up, and although she continued to read romances, found her own prince and had three little princes of their own, her writing became more practical. She began writing freelance for magazines, newspapers and local television commercials. Tari’s non-fiction work has appeared in L.A. Parent, The Toastmaster, Quick ‘N Easy Country Cooking Magazine, Road & Track, and Car & Driver, as well as numerous other publications.

Natives of Los Angeles, Tari and her husband, Paul, moved their little family to Wyoming for a great adventure. After six years, they returned home. Now that the three heirs to the thrown are grown, Tari has shifted gears from non-fiction writing to the romance that originally drew her to writing.In addition to reading and writing, Tari walks on the beach several times a week, plays pool with her husband, and enjoys sewing and cooking.Tari still curls up on her bed in a pile of pillows (no canopy) and escapes into romance novels, although now they aren’t always as innocent as the fairy tales from her childhood.

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