FiMyFuNo: Ready. Set. Go!

November 2, 2011

Today I start FiMyFuNo (Finish My F*@#ing Novel). And no, I’m not making fun of NaNoWriMo or SYTYCW. On the contrary, FiMyFuNo was inspired by NaNo. So why not NaNo? The big reason is that I’m mid WIP and worried NaNo could become another distraction with the very capable and attractive site and the buzz on Twitter. Do I need a NaNo-like kick in the ass to finish this book? You bet. So I’ve created FiMyFuMo.

The Way it Works

  1. Decide what you want to write, the word count to completion and when you can write. For example, I’ve already written 30K words of a contemporary romance with an anticipated word count of 80K words, and I write five days a week, like a job…except it’s not a job. (It’s my heart’s desire, and I need a reminder now and then.)
  2. Do the math. For example, there are twenty-one writing days left for me in November. If I subtract the 30K words I’ve already written from the 80K total, I am left with 50K words to the finish line. If I take 50K words and divide by the number of writing days I have in the month (21), then I get the number of words I need to write each writing day to reach my goal (2,380-ish). Now, I’m bad at math, and even though I used a calculator, I’m not confident the figures are right. If you email me to point that out, kindly provide me with the right figures while you’re laughing.
  3. Write. This seems simple, but it’s not. To make it easier—and here’s the key to FiMyFuNo—limit online activity. Yes, I’m serious. Check Twitter, Facebook, emails, blogs once a day while FiMyFuNo-ing. Once. Twice at the most (morning and night, leaving the hours in between for writing). No exceptions…unless you sell a book…or give birth.

That’s it. Three easy steps to finishing or writing anything. Have an idea. Set a goal. Avoid distractions. Ta da! And the beauty of FiMyFuNo is that you don’t have to wait a year for it if you miss the start date, because you pick the start date.

*Want to join me? Add your daily word count and end date in the comment section below.

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