Okay, so we’ve opened up about writer fetishes, but what about your writer fantasies? I know you have them. After all, you wouldn’t have fetishes without fantasies.

I’ll go first, and then I hope you’ll join in…

The most obvious fantasy is getting “The Call,” the one where the agent calls and says, “I love your book. I have to represent you. You’re going to be the next Great American Author!” or something to that affect. That call, of course will be followed by another call from your new and now harried agent who tells you, “Can’t talk now, just wanted to let you know we’re in a bidding war with several publishers for print (and digital) rights to your book.” Finally, your book has been sold for an exorbitant amount of money, and your agent calls again to congratulate you for being on the NYT best sellers list. Did I say on the list? I meant number one!

This last call, of course, happens while you’re on your whirlwind book tour, which is a whole other fantasy…talk shows, signing autographs. Oprah Winfrey does a special program just to interview you about your book, and you sign more autographs.

Over the top? Well if you’re going to dream, dream BIG right?

So aren’t there days when you’re in your favorite bookstore browsing titles, looking for something new by your favorite author and suddenly you land in the “J” section between Miranda Jarrett and Catherine Jones. (Well, maybe you don’t, but I do because my last name is Jewett.) You push the books aside to make a spot for your next title. Yep, right there, that’s where it goes.

Have you planned your book party yet? You know the big celebration that you’ll be throwing when that first book is released. Something swanky, black tie and champagne. You’ll need a fabulous dress by a great designer…hmmm, how about Sarah Burton the designer who created Kate Middleton’s wedding gown? You’ll need to have stacks of books on hand for signing…

Your book is made into a movie, nominated for numerous academy awards. You walk the red carpet. Of course you’ll need another fabulous designer dress…ahhh, success.

What? Have I gone too far? What are your fantasies? I’d really like to know.